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Mint v4.2 – WebView & Multi-purpose Android App With Remote Config

Mint – WebView & Multi-purpose Android App With Remote Config Mint is a multi-purpose Android app that works with Remote Configurati...

Mint – WebView & Multi-purpose Android App With Remote Config

Mint is a multi-purpose Android app that works with Remote Configuration, allowing you to update your app online without the need to upload new updates to the Google Play Store. Mint is a Well-designed & reliable app for your WordPress, business website, Youtube or Vimeo Channel, Facebook Page, Pinterest, and a lot more. Mint comes with plenty of features, such as dark mode for unsupported websites, custom CSS for our fellow developers, and many others!

Convert your website or web app into a full creative android app in just 30 minutes with remote config. No need to update your app over and over. It’s just one update and new changes will be applied immediately online. Features added to Mint, not any other app! Check our rich & luxurious features we offer in Mint below:


  • Up to date – Mint is supported on Android Jelly bean and up to Android Q. Latest android studio, Gradle and SDK. Big updates and improvement in Mint.
  • Dark Mode – Reduce glare with the darkest and best shade of Black. Converts your website into dark mode without the need to add any functions for it.
  • Support for WebView, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Imgur, Facebook and Google Maps API.
  • Remote Config – Configure & Track your entire app using Mint Console, remove and add navigations too.
  • Luxurious Design – Mint is creative and Picassos team developed it with a lot of patience to introduce a great UI and UX.
  • Bookmarks – Save your favourite pages and links using bookmarks with the search feature, delete and check if a bookmark exists.
  • Downloads – Mint has a full download manager. Filter download, search downloads and you can open the downloaded file directly from the app.
  • Full APP – You can open audios, videos inside the in-app media player. No need to open them on an external media player. Get started page is also added. WebView alert, confirm and prompt dialogue.
  • Google Sign-in – Users can sign in to your app using google accounts. Saving their profile in navigation header and settings.
  • Geolocation & Intents – Open all type of apps, making calls, sending emails and sending messages. Get location using Geolocation feature.
  • HTML5 Videos & Games – Mint supports most of html5 games and videos to be opened inside your website. The more native way is our new in-app media player.
  • Voice Search – Search downloads and bookmarks using voice search. An easy way to reach data faster.
  • 2 Navigations – We have made a gesture and minimal navigation with a simple indicator, a navigation drawer is developed with an image header. Feel free to choose anything from them or both!
  • Responsive – Mint works on small and big smartphones. Also working on tablets with landscape mode for both.
  • Custom Page Loader – More than +8 custom page loader. You can choose the best one that fits you.
  • Rating System – Creative rating system with funny smiley faces.
  • Uploading Files – Mint supports uploading all type of files and images.
  • Custom Toast Design – Just forget old toast. We made our own with minimal and good design for Light and Dark mode.
  • RTL Mode – Mint supports all languages. Arabic, Persian, etc…
  • OneSignal – Send notifications to all your audience or target a specific group or even sending notifications to a single user. Open activities, pages and videos directly from the notification.
  • Google Firebase – Send notifications to all people which can be filtered by Location, Language, Country, etc… Target audience by topic and by their ids to target one of them or more.
  • Google AdMob – Mint supports native, rewarded and interstitial ads. Premium links is a good way to reward your users. Premium links make users watch an ad to load links.
  • Offline Support – Mint supports offline mode, so you can add your website inside assets folder to be loaded if internet connection down.

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